Corporate Background

Translation Technologies provides software and services for feature-based native CAD file translations for companies that rely on CAD technology. Founded in 1998, TTI has developed a revolutionary solution for the interoperability challenges facing today’s design and manufacturing industries.

TTI’s Acc-u-Trans is a process-centric software solution that translates CAD files from the source system (the system in which the file was created) into a native file for the specified target system (the system the source file is translated to). The translations have a complete history tree, which provides details of all the features designed into the original file. Further, after translation the features are still modifiable and updateable. Acc-u-Trans is currently compatible with CATIA v4 and v5, NX, Creo, NX I-deas, Inventor, SolidEdge and SolidWorks.

Once the translation is complete then another part of Acc-u-Trans, the Mirror Model Comparator (MMC) is ran to analyze the translated model for equivalency to the original source model. The analysis tolerance is user specified (our service center analyzes models to .0005”). The MMC will find any discrepancies greater than the analysis tolerance and display them on the model for measuring and correction – another industry first.

TTI is different than most software providers in that we are also users of the system in our Service Center. We put our reputation on the line daily by providing this service for customers that do not have the time or the systems to accomplish this type of translation. Service customers submit files to a secure Internet server protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology and are translated and returned via the Internet ready to be used in the target system.

The insight we gain by using Acc-u-Trans to do the work ourselves is used to continually enhance Acc-u-Trans as well as passed on to all of our Acc-u-Trans user accounts. Don’t you wish all of your software providers followed that philosophy?

Clients & Target Industries
TTI’s services are applicable to any industry that executes or depends upon file translations. Industry analysts have estimated that CAD translation difficulties cost the U.S. automotive industry alone more than $1 billion per year. TTI’s solutions provide a tremendous opportunity for reducing cost and shortening design cycle times.

The TTI team has decades of experience in developing, marketing and selling sophisticated software and high-tech products. TTI’s management and technology teams have the skills and vision to change the face of the manufacturing design world.

Robert Sorenson, President & CEO
Mike McDonald, Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Sankar Jayaram, Vice-President of Research and Development
Tim Boden, Director of Sales

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