TTI Management Team

TTI’s experienced executive and engineering team has expertise in every area critical to the firm’s success. The technical team has decades of experience in developing and using CAD software.

Robert Sorenson – President / CEO
Bob is President and CEO of Translation Technologies.

  • Mr. Sorenson has previously served as TTI’s VP of Systems Engineering then Chief Financial Officer and VP of Operations.
  • Director of management information systems at Advanced Input Devices
  • Mr. Sorenson has extensive experience in designing, implementing and integrating sophisticated computer networks with large numbers of users on both PCs and CAD workstations.

Mr. Sorenson holds a BS in Accounting from University of Idaho

Mike McDonald – Chief Technology Officer
Mike is Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, and member of the Board of Directors of Translation Technologies. He has extensive experience in the field of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. In his ten years at Hughes Aircraft he recognized the need for a better means of translating CAD files to CAM files. He identified an approach to solve this problem leading to the formation of this company. His past experience includes:

  • Member of Technical Staff of Hughes Aircraft, Radar Systems Group an aerospace defense contractor supplying advanced electronics systems to defense agencies and their contractors
  • Network manager of the Agile Manufacturing Network, a SIRTI project establishing a paperless manufacturing network enabling small to medium sized suppliers to provide manufactured parts and services to advanced product development companies
  • President, and founder of AgileLink, Inc., utilizing the WWW to link manufacturers with their supply chain

Mr. McDonald holds a BSME from Loyola Marymount University.

Dr. Sankar Jayaram – VP Research and Development
“Jay” is responsible for software development at TTI. Dr. Jayaram has over 16 years’ experience in creating CAD/CAM and computer graphics, virtual reality, collaborative engineering, and virtual assembly applications. He is currently an Associate Professor at Washington State University. He is an active member of the program committees of ASME’s Design Engineering Technical Conferences and IEEE Virtual Reality Conference. His previous experience include:

  • Co-founder and Associate Director of the ACSYNT Institute for Computer Aided Aircraft Design at VPI.
  • Jay co-founded the Virtual Reality and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory at WSU and brought world recognition to his group’s effort in these fields.
  • Former active member of the ANSI and ISO committees on standards for computer graphics of applied virtual reality, collaborative engineering, virtual manufacturing, and virtual assembly.

Dr. Sankar Jayaram received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech (VPI) in 1989. His specialization was creation of custom engineering software applications.

Dr. Uma Jayaram – Director of Software Development
Uma is responsible for user interface development and development of applications to enhance the value of TTI services. She is an Assistant Professor at Washington State University. Dr. Uma Jayaram has over 14 years’ experience in creating CAD/CAM applications, user-interfaces, software engineering, software management and maintenance, geometric modeling, integration frameworks, and two-way data exchange between dissimilar engineering applications. For the past 5 years she has focused on the integration of dissimilar systems and frameworks for integration of CAD/CAM systems and other engineering applications. Her past experience includes:

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Virginia Tech and a lead researcher in the ACSYNT Institute until 1993.
  • In 1993-1994, she was an assistant professor at the University of Idaho’s Human Factors Engineering Group.
  • She spent a year as senior scientist at Isothermal Systems Research before joining WSU as an Assistant Professor in 1995.
  • Along with Dr. S. Jayaram, she co-founded the Virtual Reality and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory and brought world recognition to the group’s effort at WSU in the fields of systems integration, virtual prototyping, data exchange between CAD systems and VR applications and reverse transfer of data into parametric CAD systems.
  • She received the prestigious Sloan Faculty Fellow Award in 1997.

Dr. Uma Jayaram received her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech (VPI) in 1991. Her specialization was in the extraction of aircraft features from B-Spline surface models.

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