How do you handle common parts?

Common CAD Translation Questions:

We reuse many of the same parts in our assemblies, can you find these cases and only translate those parts once and then reuse them multiple times?


Yes.  If we have already migrated an item we can re-use the data that already exists in your desired target CAD system.
Here are two examples that will illustrate this point:

Example 1: Single Dataset
When migrating CAD data to satisfy a project delivery requirement or when collaborating between two companies the tracking of common parts will reduce the migration effort and significantly reduce any future migration of the same or related datasets. If a part is used in multiple assemblies it will only be migrated once. If you ever need to translate the data again we can re-use anything that has been already translated in the past and has not changed. This reduces the price of the translation by reducing the time and effort necessary to complete the work. If you are not sure of the changes we can even double check the geometry to report the models that have changed as well as the parts that remained unchanged.

Example 2: Mass Migration
Migrating multiple CAD datasets into a new system can be a project that lasts for months, and requires data from multiple locations. There can also be multiple databases involved. In these large migrations, there are a few things that can help reduce time, effort, and the associated cost. In our experience, making sure that a model is only translated once and then re-used wherever possible is critical. Tracking the data that has been migrated so it can be re-used as quickly and accurately as possible also helps cut down on the CAD translation costs.

TTI’s Acc-u-Track: Migration Manager has built-in tools that help both verify and track the data throughout the translation process, and our in-house translation services have perfected a system to make sure that you get the right translated data, the first time.


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