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Why should I choose TTI’s service solutions?


TTI’s Service Center provides many benefits to the customer. First, you now have a fixed price for the project. TTI bids all work on a fixed price basis. There are never any surprises when it comes to what you have to pay for a project whether it is a single file or a large migration project. Our Project Managers work very closely with our Service Customers to ensure that when the translation is complete there are no surprises buried in the translated data set and that includes the price. Many companies have found that using TTI’s Service Center is more cost effective than purchasing translation software that will not be used every day.

If you have sensitive or ITAR controlled data requiring translation the Service Center located in Spokane, Washington and staffed by US citizens might just be your solution. TTI has worked successfully with large and small Department of Defense suppliers over the years on translation projects as well as custom software developments in support of their CAD initiatives.

Our Service Center specializes in just CAD translations. Most customers don’t translate CAD models all day long, every day. We do and that is all that we do. Our employees are trained to deal with differences between CAD systems and that training coupled with our Acc-u-Trans software provides our customers with the highest quality output possible. There is no substitution for experience and robust software in this line of work and our Service Center is staffed with the people that have that experience and the tools required to get the job completed. The average tenure for our Service Center employees is now over five years.

Our lead times are very attractive as well. For dumb solid or BREP type translations, we return them the very same day they are ordered. Our feature based translations (depending on the size of the job) are typically returned anywhere from the same day to within a few days. As a service organization we attempt to handle customer emergencies as if they were our own emergency.

For aerospace companies TTI also has the ability to provide documentation for the accuracy of the translated models. We use our patented Mirror Model Comparator to ensure accuracy to .0005″ and will provide certifications for your customer records. The Mirror Model Comparator actually compares the source model with the target model using the two CAD systems involved in the translation. This is by far the very best way to ensure accuracy after the translation is complete.

In summary, the TTI Service Center provides the best possible translation for the best price. Your translation project will be treated with the highest level of priority possible. Our goal will always be to ensure we are delivering useable data in a dependable fashion with no surprises. We strive to be the easiest company you have ever done business with.

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